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Welcome to Hydro Tech


What Is HHO & How Its Work ?


Water to gas kits are the latest innovation to increase mileage and power of two wheelers, three wheelers, four wheelers, and diesel generator set. Utilizing water as a fuel additive by converting water in to HYDRO  Gas (“Brown Gas” 2 parts of Hydrogen and 1 part of Oxygen, HHO) Gas once it broken down.

You could expect to see increase in mileage of vehicle up to 40% and save economy. This is not new technology but is starting to get rediscovered as Petrol and Diesel prices continue to increase and there is no end in sight.

By using our kit you are using a HYDRO  Gas it is used by your engine as a supplement to help reduce your consumption of existing fuel. This gas is than mixed with fuel at air manifold just before it enters the engine resulting in possible gas savings. The benefits of a technology are increased mileage in some case double it, increase horsepower, better and smoother running engine and less emission.
This is not zero point energy but it does take advantage of the available energy generated by your vehicles electrical charging system.
We designed the kits to be very easy to install-each kits comes with easy-to-follow instruction that'll have you up and running in no time.
Improve your mileage up to 40%. This includes both city and highway driving condition HYDRO gas can be burn in petrol and diesel engine. This technology could help improve both Diesel and Petrol mileage. HYDRO gas is 5 times more potent than petrol and diesel.

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Reports on HHO

HHO technolgy is certify technology accoss the world, in acceptence and as well as safety.


NASA Report


California Institute of Technology Report


Lund University Report